Some References

  • Government Sector:
    Sief Palace, Bayan Palace, UN House, traffic monitoring cameras for MOI, Arab Fund for Economic development, CTC Head quarter, Ministry of Education,…
  • Oil & Gas:
    KNPC CCTV System for all 3 refineries, Sabhan Fuel depot, CCTV for KNPC gas stations, Turnstiles for KNPC offices, KOC CCTV & Flame Detection as part of ABB project,
  • Private Sector:
    Hilton Hotel, IBIS Hotel Salmiya, IBIS Hotel Sharq, Al Yasra Fashion 56 outlets, Al Yasra Food all large food depots, Jashanmal all outlets, Mazaya 3 towers and 2 clinics, La ala Kuwait Kiran Resort and many more….